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About Us

We are a web 3.0 GameFi Startup covering the Metaverse(Creator Economy).

Our Vision

  • We believe Blockchain/Crypto is layering the foundation for a self Sovereign financial system, an Open Creator Economy.
  • NFT’s represent the Universal digital representation and ownership layer.
  • Our belief in Metaverse is coming, where 7 Billion digital souls with an option to exist, almost exclusively online and participation in Virtual Economy.
  • More time we spent online, will lead to more value created and consumed in digital economy.
  • We believe in creating Gaming communities using human digital acts ,where users can allocate serious time and capital to Virtual economy.
  • The trust in durability of Digital souls spent online time, will create Virtual economic robustness.
  • Universal erosion of trust in institutions,is forcing the desire of Decentralized communities powered by smart Contracts.
  • Owning core pieces of these new worlds brings great financial returns to those Who believes.Many of them will be from emerging markets quick to move on the opportunities.
  • We believe Crypto/Blockchain Web 3.0 side Metaverse the most imperative yet least explored by those speculators.

Bloomberg Intelligence/PWC report data estimates by 2024 Metaverse economy slice will cross 800 Billion USD.

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Game Fi

STRING METAVERSE will create a new Metaverse for earning through the human-based activities. We will be the first of its kind to digitize human activities onto Blockchain through GameFi, bringing forth a new age of “Optionality to Human Digital Acts”. We aim to build a Metaverse community, by adding a ‘2-earn’ element to human activities and allowing it’s users to earn passive income. Kling Metaverse has it’s own token which is used as an in game token.

Idle Mine

  • As the name suggests the product is mining your idle time to earn you money. This is a game based on Blockchain on IOS and ANDROID.
  • Kling's Idlemine App is an unique mobile-based Play2Earn Web 3.0 App.
  • The user can earn KLing by playing thumb Inking game, wherein the user must hold their thumb and earn.
  • The user must deposit BNB to swap for KLing.
  • KLing is the In-Game Token for Idlemine. Idlemine game winners will earn Kling.
  • KLing token winnings can be swapped to BNB.
  • Convert your Idle time into your income.
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NFT Charm

This is a NFT based blockchain game, where you have to buy the NFTs to play the game & earn rewards. NFT Charm is played on its dedicated website. You have to first link your crypto wallet from Metamask. The gameplay is simple, you have to buy NFTs by paying in Kling tokens; either you buy single NFTs or you buy in bulk. Rewards are earned by selecting the attributes of the NFT .In the event of a successful match, the NFT is burned and the user is rewarded! Now, what if you don't match?

  • The NFT remains with the user if there is no match. The unmatched NFT can be staked to get the premium back.
  • Earned rewards can be converted back to BNB.

E-Sports Platform

Kling Metaverse will launch an Esports platform that enables users to compete in their favorite video game titles for Kling tokens. There will be a wide variety of skill-based Esports games to choose from. The user has to top up their wallet with Kling tokens to compete in any game of their choice. This is a Pure skill-based cash matches system that uses Blockchain as a mediatory to execute the winnings of the tokens. KlingMeta will hold tournaments as well, which will include free and pool tournaments on a weekly basis for various games listed on the platform. Tournaments will be a bracket-based system where users will be matched randomly with each other once registration closes. The last user on the bracket to win the finals will get the pool prize.

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Web 3.0 Arcade Arena

  • KLing Arcade will bring classic games to Web 3.0.
  • Get paid to play your favorite arcade games.
  • Users can earn BNB by playing classic board games and nostalgic platformers.
  • For the first time, KLing will have a web 3.0 arcade arena where users can earn real-time rewards.

Geo Locations

Hong Kong   |   Kazakhstan AIFC   |   UAE   |   Hyderabad   |   Gift City

    – 100% subsidiary of STRING METAVERSE – ( Idlemine.io, DVDT.exchange, kling.finance)
    – Subsidiary of KLING BLOCKCHAIN HK LTD – DVDT.exhange
    – NFT MarketPlace, Digitalization of Assets (coming soon) – nftcharm.io,
    – Play2Earn, Casual Web 3.0Games - Idlemine.io
    – ( 60:40 partnership with COSMEA HOLDINGS ) - Multi Blockchain non custodial wallet.
    GIFT CITY- Member of INX/AFRINEX , Marketmaker - DVDT.exchange

Our Team

Ghanshyam Dass
Dr. RMCV Prasada Rao
Murali Krishnam
Suresh Babu K
Rohit Reddy
Santosh A
Krishna M
Ganesh M
Santosh A
Krishna M
Srikanth T
Harsha R
Venkat Y
Markandeya CH
Prashanth V
Jahnavi K
Srivatsa R
Abhinav C
Jagadeesh M
Raju T
Aditya R J

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